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MSNBC Host Shocked to Hear Romney Surrogate Call Obama 'Lazy' and 'Detached', Asks Him if He Wants to 'Take It Back


"He didn’t want to prepare for this debate. He’s lazy and disengaged."

Former New Hampshire Gov. and Mitt Romney surrogate John Sununu left MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell shocked on Thursday after he told the host that President Barack Obama's debate performance on Wednesday revealed how "lazy and detached" he is as president.

"What people saw last night, I think, was a president who revealed his incompetence -- how lazy and detached he is and how he has absolutely no idea how serious the economy problems of the country are and how he has failed to even begin address them," Sununu said.

He went on: "And I think even the liberal press reacted with shock at this revelation and I find it fascinating now this morning after they've slept, watching them all scrambling around to clean up the mess the president left on the floor last night. Sununu said Romney on the other hand brought "specifics" to the debate not "bumper sticker numbers" like Obama.

Mitchell was visibly taken aback by his comments and quickly offered Sununu the chance to take his remarks "back."

"Governor, I want to give you a chance to maybe take it back. Did you really mean to call Barack Obama, the President of the United States, lazy?" she asked.

"Yes," Sununu replied bluntly, adding "He said 'they are making me do this work.' He didn’t want to prepare for this debate. He is lazy and disengaged."

Mitchell admitted that "a lot of people are questioning" whether Obama did well in the debate, but said "I think to call the president lazy and disengaged is another whole question."

"Alright, Andrea. Whatever," Sununu said, chuckling to himself.

Watch the entire segment via MSNBC below:

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