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MSNBC contributor calls Fox News 'white' television


On BET last night MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson debated the political motivations of black Americans with conservative activist and frequent Fox News guest Jesse Lee Peterson. The discussion quickly spiraled into a heated exchange on racism in politics.

After the panel, Dyson was asked by BET to give his thoughts on what happened. "I'm always open to different viewpoints spoken intelligently, even with a serious kind of vigor but always with honesty," Dyson said. "What we saw was an honest expression to me of a black self-hatred in action. [Peterson] is a man who believes in going on white television shows, especially Fox [News], parroting the party line that black people are somehow racist."

Dyson went on to say that it's not possible for black people to be racist and said Peterson has a "disparaging view of black people."

Both Dyson and Peterson are black.

Watch Dyson's full remarks here.

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