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Free Gaza Movement' Sends Shock Tweet Blaming 'Zionists' for Carrying Out the Nazi Holocaust


Explanation: Employee was trying to share it to Facebook to discuss "propaganda"

The Free Gaza Movement, a pro-Palestinian group known for its sponsorship of flotillas to Gaza including the famous sail in May 2010 that ended in a violent confrontation with IDF soldiers, sent out a shocking tweet from its official Twitter account blaming “Zionists” for running concentration camps and murdering Jews during the Nazi Holocaust.

This is the tweet that was sent out September 30 along with a link to an anti-Semitic video including the outlandish charge that Jews orchestrated the Holocaust:

Though the message was deleted, it was exposed the next day by Avi Mayer who heads social media for the Jewish Agency for Israel and responded with this tweet:

The Free Gaza Movement, and its founder Greta Berlin, quickly went into damage-control mode, publishing statements backing away from the tweet. The National Post reports:

Within hours, the American founder of the movement, Greta Berlin, tweeted that she had intended only to publish the link to her private Facebook account, but it was accidentally redirected to the Free Gaza Twitter feed.

“I shared it without watching it. I am sorry that I just sent it forward without looking at it. It won’t happen again,” read a tweet from the Free Gaza Movement account, posted Wednesday afternoon.

Free Gaza Movement’s website on Thursday had this:

This TWEET did not come from Free Gaza, and does not represent FG's position in any way whatsoever; in fact we condemn its content. It came from Greta's private Facebook page and was shared with a group of people  who were discussing propaganda and racism, and this link was an example of the terrible propaganda that could be spewed on websites. For some reason, Facebook connected our Free Gaza account to her personal Facebook account, and the link was posted.

This is not the first charge of anti-Semitism leveled against the Free Gaza group. National Post documents the self-professed humanitarian organization’s previous associations with racism:

The Free Gaza Twitter feed has lately referred to Israeli prime minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] as “a complete lunatic,” promoted the view that a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians is equivalent to “racism,” and defended Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad against charges of anti-Semitism.

As the tweet blaming Zionist Jews for orchestrating the Holocaust spread, U.S. blogger Adam Holland came upon a cached Free Gaza tweet from September 21 which linked to Im Wald von Katyn, a 1943 Nazi propaganda film.

Avi Mayer, who first exposed the story, discovered that the man speaking in the video that Greta Berlin linked to in the Free Gaza Movement’s tweet is the late anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Eustace Mullins. On his blog, Mayer transcribed parts of the video which included these repulsive statements:

•    That “the 'Na' of National Socialism joined with the Zionist Party, the World Zionist Party, in 1923, and ever after was known as the Nazis, N-A-Z-I.  The 'zi' was for 'Zionists.’”

•    That Adolf Hitler allied himself with the Zionists and that “the mission of the Nazis was to force the anti-Zionist Jews to accept Zionism.  And this is what the concentration camps were about.”

•    That “the concentration camps were run by the Zionist Jews in order to punish and get rid of the anti-Zionist Jews, which they did.”

•    That “in fact some Jews themselves even claim that there should be a statue to Adolf Hitler in Israel because he created the State of Israel.”

Mayer details some of Mullins' past virulently anti-Semitic statements including this one: "This religious ceremony of drinking the blood of an innocent gentile child is basic to the Jew's entire concept of his existence as a parasite, living off of the blood of the host."

According to its website, the Free Gaza Movement’s endorsers include Code Pink, Cindy Sheehan, South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and even the pro-Palestinian Israeli organizations Yesh Gvul and Zochrot. Question now is: are they going to continue to stand quietly as endorsers, or raise their voices against this demonstration of racism – intentional or not?

The Free Gaza Movement is not a tax deductible charity under IRS code 501(c)3, and its website refers potential donors to write checks to the American Educational Trust, publisher of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, an anti-Israel publication. Free Gaza Movement calls that group its “fiscal sponsor in the United States” which accepts tax-deductible donations on the controversial group’s behalf.

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