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Ann Coulter couldn't find 'a beige face' on MSNBC 'until 6 months ago


At a book signing in D.C. Friday conservative author Ann Coulter reacted to MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson who recently said that Fox News is "white" television.

"Until MSNBC was embarrassed, that was the whitest station on TV," Coulter told TheBlaze. "Up until six months ago there wasn't a beige face there. What's he talking about?"

Dyson told BET last week black conservative commentator Jesse Lee Peterson " is a man who believes in going on white television shows, especially Fox [News], parroting the party line that black people are somehow racist.”

Coulter did say, however that she likes Dyson "very much." She brought up another comment he made on MSNBC that President Obama has been portrayed as an "angry black man" on Fox News.

"I especially like what [Dyson] said recently," she said, "that Obama had to avoid appearing like an angry black man and that's why he lost the debate."

Coulter's new book Mugged tackles race relations in America from the O.J. Verdict to Obama's presidency.

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