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SNL Ribs Obama's Debate Performance: Distracted by His Anniversary & the High Altitude

Image source: NBC

Saturday Night Live poured more salt on President Barack Obama's first debate performance, portraying him as hopelessly distracted by his wedding anniversary and yes, suffering from Denver's high altitude.

As Mitt Romney began to speak, Obama realized he had forgotten to get a gift for his wife.

"I can't believe I forgot the anniversary gift," Obama said in his head. "This is very bad. OK, I was distracted by the mess I inherited from Bush. But still, I should've remembered our anniversary."

So distracted by brainstorming which last-minute presents he could pick up from the hotel gift shop, Obama declined even to respond when Romney claimed he killed Osama bin Laden.

"Oh boy, this altitude is starting to get to me," he continued thinking. "What is this, 10 miles above sea level? I can barely keep my head up. I think I might pass out. So lightheaded. Why did I agree to Denver?"

Watch below, via NBC:

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