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MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Not at All Pleased Obama Campaign Used Her in an Ad


"You should know that NBC News has not granted either campaign permission to use our news material ..."

The Obama campaign last Friday released an ad accusing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney of "misleading" Americans over his proposed tax plan.

"I’m not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut," Romney says in the video. "That's not my plan."

The video responds: "That’s not what nonpartisan experts say."

The ad then cuts away to a clip of MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell repeating a talking point that even Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter admits is not entirely accurate:

The problem with this ad -- well, other than its erroneous "$5 trillion tax cut" claim -- is that its producers were never granted permission to cite NBC News. So, during Monday's edition of "Andrea Mitchell Reports," the MSNBC anchor took a moment to publicly denounce the commercial:

"Some viewers might be understandably confused by the fact that the Obama campaign is airing a commercial right now including a video clip of me fact-checking Gov. Romney after last week's debate," Mitchell said.

"You should know that NBC News has not granted either campaign permission to use our news material, and immediately requested that the campaign refrain from using NBC News material in this and future advertisements."

"In this case the Obama campaign uses only a short clip from a ‘Truth Squad’ report that, in fact, pointed out exaggerations and/or misstatements that both candidates had made during the debate," she said. "Just wanted to make that clear."

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