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It can't be that bad': Obama explains his 'even-keeled' nature


Before speaking at a fundraiser in San Francisco yesterday, President Obama was introduced by a former schoolmate, Pam. Obama acknowledged how "much younger" she looks than him.

"We’ve known each other for a long time.  And it’s true that actually the environment that we grew up in, I think for both of us, still provides us a certain ballast," Obama said. "Sometimes people wonder why it is that I seem pretty even-keeled.  And I’d like to think that part of it is that’s how I’m hardwired, but part of it is when you spent your formative years in Hawaii, you think to yourself, it can’t be that bad.  (Laughter.)  And if it is, then you go to Sandy Beach and you bodysurf and you feel fine afterwards.  (Laughter.)  It washes away all worries."

[Quotes via White House transcript]

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