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Romney Chokes Up Explaining How He Met Former SEAL Killed in Benghazi Attack


"This is the American way – we go where there's trouble. We go where we're needed.  And right now we're needed."

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Mitt Romney is often described as too stiff, lacking any sense of humor, and "out of touch" with the "average" American.  On Tuesday, however, the Republican nominee continued to show new depths to his character while giving a moving speech about one of the former Navy SEALs killed in the attack on our consulate in Benghazi last month.

The speech began with a humorous anecdote, but just a few minutes later made Romney choke up as explained how he once met the SEAL, confirmed by the campaign as Glen Doherty.  The whole thing ended with a mark of patriotism, and a reminder of how America is needed in the world.

The video really must be seen to get the full impact:

Beginning with an account of how the Romney family was invited to a neighborhood party through a letter in the mail, Romney explained how-- though they didn't originally intend to go-- they changed their minds after seeing all the lights and cars just across the street.

He related what a good time they had, how they were fed and met new people, before saying with laughter: "Turns out this wasn't the neighborhood party...This was a family, having a party with their friends."

At that party, though, Mitt Romney was able to meet a man from his home state of Massachusetts, a former Navy SEAL.

"You can imagine how I felt out when I found out he was one of the two former Navy SEALs killed in Benghazi on September 11," he continued, choking up, "and it touched me, obviously, when I recognized this young man that I thought was so impressive lost his life in the service of his fellow men and women."

Romney continued, saying he heard Doherty and his colleagues were actually across town when the violence began.

"They didn't hunker down where they were in safety – they rushed there to go help," Romney concluded with emotion.  "This is the American way – we go where there's trouble. We go where we're needed.  And right now we're needed-- right now, the American people need us."

(H/T: WeaselZippers)

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