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You Can Now Make Your Own Political Ad With This PBS Tool -- You're Welcome (and Send Them to Us!)


"a chance for you to 'approve this message.'"

(Image: PBS Newshour/Ad Libs 2012)

It's likely you've just about had enough with television ads approved by presidential candidates Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. But perhaps you'll gain more of an appreciation for them if you understand the "science to making political advertisements."

PBS Newshour has recently launched a create-your-own political ad tool in collaboration with Mozilla and Ocupop on AdLibs.

Watch PBS's announcement of the tool:

The tool gives Facebook users the ability to transform some of their profile material into an ad that either promotes or attacks oneself. Sorry no attacks on others with these ads.

With a lack of understanding for how political ads work, how they're built and what they tell you, PBS writes, that it "put together a few samples for you to customize with your information and imagination." It speculates "you'll never watch campaign ads the same way again!"

PBS gives you four options for your political ad's theme: small town biographical, metro biographical, character attack and credentials attack.

To create your own, go to this part of PBS's site; login to your Facebook account through the site; choose the type of ad you want to create; and answer questions that will provide content for your ad. You should understand that logging into Facebook using this app will allow it to pull together some of your profile information, including photos and status updates for the purpose of making your ad.

As PBS puts it, this is "a chance for you to 'approve this message.'"

Give the 2012 Ad Lib tool a try yourself here. If you have a program on your computer that allows you to record your videos, send your clips to lklimas@theblaze.com and we might post them later on TheBlaze blog.

(H/T: Gizmodo)

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