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Gary Johnson Slams Romney Policy: 'Without One Molecule of Brain


"Building a fence across the border would be wacky nuts!"


Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson spoke with Salon recently about his candidacy for president, slamming his competitors for a number of their political positions.

After explaining a number of things he would have done differently over the past four years, Johnson gave his analysis of the presidential debates:

So I think big differences between me and these two guys [Obama and Romney]: They’re on stage debating who’s going to spend more money on Medicare when we have to slash Medicare spending or we’re going to find ourselves with no health care at all for those over 65.  And Medicare, very quickly, is a benefit that we put $30,000 in and get $100,000 out.  It’s not sustainable and it has to be addressed.  None of this is sustainable. None of it.  I think we all recognize that we’re in deep trouble and we’re going to need to make some mutual sacrifices on all of our parts.  But I just saw the whole debate thing as head in the sand, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy — they’re all coming, don’t worry. [Emphasis added]

Though he was included in one of the GOP primary debates, Johnson also criticized Republican nominee Mitt Romney's support of a border fence between the United States and Mexico:

I mean Romney, in the second [GOP primary] debate, said that it’s a ‘no brainer’ to build a fence across the border. Um...you’re talking about somebody right now without one molecule of brain based on his statement.  Building a fence across the border would be wacky nuts!  And here it is — that’s what he wants to do.

Johnson didn't elaborate on why the plan is "wacky nuts," but continued to say President Obama should also "lose all of his votes" for going back on his promise not to crack down on marijuana.

According to his website, Johnson's immigration plan has two components-- simplifying legal immigration and tackling illegal immigration.  However, rather than advocate a fence of some sort, Johnson recommends legalizing marijuana and enforcing a "one strike, you're out" rule for immigrants who "circumvent the streamlined work visa process."

Johnson concluded with a statement on President Obama: "He is as militaristic as President Bush, as militaristic a president as we have ever had."

Gary Johnson is currently polling at around 6%.



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