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Expect a 'firm,' 'respectful,' 'energized,' 'passionate' Obama tomorrow


Speaking with press today at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Va., Obama Campaign Press Secretary Jen Psaki laid out what everyone should expect from the President in tomorrow's debate.

“You should expect that he’s going to be firm but respectful in correcting the record and the times we expect Mitt Romney will hide from and distort his own policies," she said. "He’s energized and I expect he will also be making a passionate case. The audience is the people in the room but also the people at home and certainly he takes that into account in how he’s preparing and looking ahead to tomorrow.”

Psaki also addressed Obama's past remark that preparing for the first debate was "a drag."

"He was being honest that he’d probably rather be outside enjoying the beautiful weather or walking around than maybe studying for a debate," she said. "I think that’s a pretty human response. But he took every moment of the debate prep seriously the first time around."

Tomorrow's debate takes place at 9 p.m. EDT at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. Obama has been prepping for the debate since Saturday at the Resort. Mitt Romney has been preparing at one of his homes in Belmont, Mass.

[Quotes via Politico reporter Reid Esptein's pool report]

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