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Charles Krauthammer on Tonight's Debate: 'In One Corner a Robot, in the Other a Cold Fish


Who is the robot, and who is the cold fish?

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Charles Krauthammer has a way with words. And his way is to is say exactly what he thinks, without hesitation.

Appearing on Fox News' debate preview, Krauthammer offered up a concise and blunt summary of what President Barack Obama has to do in order to win Tuesday night's debate.

“What a debate. In one corner a robot, in the other a cold fish," Krauthammer said, never clarifying which candidate was which.

“For Obama the bar is rather low compared to the first debate -- all he has to do is string a few sentences together coherently. To make eye contact with a single sentient human, and show the slightest animation in his face. I think he can do that," he added.

Krauthammer said Obama could "win on that basis alone."

Watch the clip via Fox News/Mediaite below:

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