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It's Murder!': Pro-Lifer Gets Booed by Obama Supporters on MSNBC for Saying Abortion Should Be Outlawed


"That's killing someone."

During tonight's "Chris Matthew's Show" on MSNBC, a young woman proclaimed her allegiance to pro-life values and said that, if given the chance, she'd ask why President Obama doesn't oppose abortion.

"A fetus is a human life," the woman proclaimed, going on to say that she wants to see the procedure outlawed.

When pushed on the issue and what, exactly, "outlawing" it would mean, she said that she believes a woman who gets an abortion should be given jail time as a result.

"That's killing someone. It's murder! It's murder!," she proclaimed, over the crowd's boos.

One of her opponents then yelled at her, "Are you going to pay for those kids, too?"

Watch the comments, below:

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