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You Want Me to Answer?': Heated Confrontation Erupts After Obama Interrupts Romney on Oil Drilling


"Not true governor Romney. Not true."

It didn't take long for tonight's presidential debate to get heated. In a surprisingly-intense moment, President Barack Obama rose out of his chair  and confronted Romney on stage. The subject of the argument? Energy policy.

The moment commenced while Romney was making allegations about the Obama administration's handling of energy permits on public lands (he claimed they had decreased by 50 percent). The president, who was initially sitting on his chair and listening to Romney, interrupted and claimed that the GOP candidate's allegations weren't true. Then, he stood up and confronted him.

Rather than ignoring Obama and continuing his answer, Romney turned to the president and began questioning his assertion that his administration didn't cut permits by 50 percent. When Obama attempted to answer without giving a specific percentage, Romney pushed him incessantly on the issue.

Newsday described the heated face-off as follows: "Romney, taking his turn, accuses Obama of cutting permits for energy resources. Obama interrupts him and the two get into their most direct confrontation yet. Both standing up, sharing the stage."

Here's how the exchange unfolded, in part:

"In the last four years, you've cut permits and licenses on federal land and federal waters in half," Romney said, directly to Obama.

"Not true governor Romney. Not true," the president responded.

"By how much did you cut them by, then?," Romney recounted.

"Governor, we have actually produced more oil --," Obama interrupted.

"No, no. How much did you cut licensees on federal lands and federal waters?," the republican candidate again asked.

And it didn't end there. Watch the confrontation, below:

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