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Comedian D.L. Hughley to Joy Behar: Romney Talked to Obama During the Debate 'Like a Man Talking to a Servant


"It's like Mitt Romney learned manners from watching 50s TV shows."

Comedian D.L. Hughley appeared on Current's "Joy Behar: Say Anything!" on Wednesday, where he issued a scathing assessment of Republican candidate Mitt Romney's performance at the second presidential debate. In addition to claiming that he has a "tremendous amount of disdain" for the GOP candidate, the entertainer accused the candidate of speaking to President Barack Obama as though he were his servant.

Prior to these critiques being uttered, Behar addressed a common criticism that she believes is being waged against Obama -- the notion that, if he's not careful, he might be perceived as "an angry guy."

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"Just to talk about Obama's personality a little bit, you know, this angry black man thing we're hearing about: 'He can never show himself to be an angry black man.' First of all...he is not an angry guy," she host told Hughley.

"He's more like Carlton from 'The Fresh Prince' than he is Wesley Snipes," the comedian responded, going on to say that Obama "likes being liked" and that this personality trait was likely at the center of his poor performance during the first debate.

Next, Hughley tackled Romney's alleged poor treatment of Obama.

"To me, watching Mitt Romney, who I have a tremendous amount of disdain for...I think that the way he talked to the president of the United States last night was like a man talking to a servant," he told Behar.

The host then stated her agreement, claiming that she's expressed similar sentiments following the debate.

"It's like Mitt Romney learned manners from watching 50s TV shows," Hughley continued.

Watch the exchange below:

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