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It Has Come to This: Anti-GOP 'Binders' Meme Makes Its Way Onto Amazon With Phony Reviews


"Holds all my women."

Although TheBlaze’s Erica Ritz has already filled you in on the  “controversy” surrounding Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney referring to “binders full of women” during Tuesday's presidential debate, a quick recap is probably in order:

When asked about gender equality in the workplace, Romney said he asked his staff to identify a number of suitable female candidates, in addition to the men.  To emphasize the number of people they considered, Romney said they had “binders full of women.”

The Obama campaign immediately seized on the former governor's seemingly innocuous remarks as further proof that he is “out of touch” with women. Aided by its most ardent supporters, the Obama campaign's “binders” meme on Wednesday grew, making its way onto the president’s pre-approved list of campaign "zingers" and even getting its own campaign ad.

But while some might argue that dedicating campaign time and money to things such as Big Bird and offhand remarks about binders is an odd way for the president to make his case for re-election, a number of his supporters disagree. In fact, some in the Obama camp think these issues are so big that they decided to flood with fake binder reviews.

What's telling about these reviews is the fact that they don't argue the case for President Barack Obama. Rather, they argue ​against Gov. Romney, his Mormon faith, and the "anti-women" GOP:

And it goes on like that for quite some time. You can see more of the same here (warning: it becomes pretty repetitive, pretty quickly).

Final Thought: Some have asked what the president and his supporters hope to accomplish with this meme. Are they really trying to win hearts and minds? Do they really think this has a chance of killing Romney's White House bid? If they're trying to accomplish either of these things, we doubt this is the best approach.

You know what would win people over? A clearly laid out plan to repair what 23 million Americans know to be a struggling economy. For some reason, the president has not done this.

The president has not yet said how would address the jobs gap:

Additional Image Credit: AEI (red text)

Or the economic growth gap:

Or the budget gap:

Courtesy AEI

Perhaps if the president had more to say about these issues, his supporters wouldn't be forced to spend so much time talking about office supplies and eight-foot-tall sock puppets.

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(H/T: @jaycaruso). This story has been updated. A lot.

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