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Just F**k It': Expletive Mistakenly Attributed to Dalai Lama in University Speech Transcription


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (TheBlaze/AP) -- The Dalai Lama, the 77-year-old Tibetan faith leader who has been in exile since China took control of his country in 1949, didn't curse at a Brown University event, the college swears -- even if the closed captioning said differently.

A closing comment Wednesday by the Dalai Lama was mistaken for a profanity by the person transcribing his remarks for closed captioning at a speech on peace.

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The exiled Tibetan leader urged listeners to share his thoughts with others if they found them interesting. If not, he said, they could "forget." The closed captioning on a large screen at the Rhode Island Convention Center transcribed the remark as an expletive. The Brown Daily Herald further explains:

Though a closed-captioning mistake left viewers with “just f**k it” as His Holiness’ transcribed final words, the Dalai Lama actually turned to humor again in his conclusion, urging the audience to spend their time thinking and discussing — or, if they had been unaffected by his words, “just forget.”

Some in the audience also believed the Dalai Lama, who has a strong accent, had used a profane phrase. Questions have arisen previously over the same comment in other venues.

A Brown spokeswoman confirmed the Dalai Lama said "forget" and said the closed captioning that appeared was an error.

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