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Here's a Gasp-Inducing Lesson in Why You Should Never Stick Your Head Out a Train Window

(Image: LiveLeak screenshot)

A video has been making its rounds on the Web simply because it is a lesson in what not to do while riding on a train.

The clip, uploaded in late September by  Live Leak, shows a group of young adults on a train, enjoying themselves. The person filming a sunglasses-wearing female tells her to stick her head out the window. She does so without complaint -- and without looking.

Within seconds, as you see the woman hanging outside the train and the videographer presumably doing so himself to capture the footage, a train appears speeding in the opposite direction. Hearing the looming locomotive at the last second, the woman, later called Carissa, and the videographer zip in before their heads are taken off.

(Image: LiveLeak screenshot)

(Image: LiveLeak screenshot)

Although the trains might not have been passing each other at a close enough distance to actually allow passengers to touch them through an open window, it was still a shock to the couple as it sped by.

Stunned, Carissa's friend asks her if she's OK. All she can say is "Oh my God."

Watch the video (Warning: Some strong language):

The video has been reposted to YouTube several times. Australia's Herald Sun reports at least one of these repostings being removed from the video-sharing site for showing a dangerous activity.

(H/T: Deadspin)

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