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You and Me, Outside': Obama and Romney Trash Talk Each Other During 2nd Debate on SNL

Image source: NBC

Image source: NBC

Saturday Night Live's President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney were ready to throw down during their second presidential debate, with some choice trash talk and Tagg Romney begging his father to "let me at him."

Romney at one point questioned Obama about his salary as president, to which he answered, "$400,000...what's it to you?"

"$400,000, yeah, that's what I pay my cats," Romney replied.

Romney also tried to strong arm moderator Candy Crowley into getting more time to answer a question, until she ultimately asked him to back away from her desk.

"Candy is he bothering you?" Obama called over.

"I'm fine, Mr. President," Crowley said.

On the question of oil prices, Romney demanded to know why Obama had cut drilling permits on federal land by half.

"Not true," Obama said.

"You didn't cut anything, you're not about to cut anything?" Romney asked.

"I'm about to cut you," Obama threatened. "This is not Colorado anymore, governor. It's at sea level."

Romney then challenged Obama to meet him outside afterward, "just the two of us, no Secret Service." Obama told him he better bring his "Mormon magic underpants and your wife's dancing horse," prompting Tagg Romney to beg from the audience, "Let me at him dad."

On the final question -- one word, "Libya" -- Romney told Obama he was "willing to be that you have never in your life, even once, used the phrase 'terrorist act.'" Crowley said he has in fact used the term, prompting Obama to make a show of dropping his microphone and walking away, case closed.

Watch the sketch below, via NBC:

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