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Real News': What Does Obama Mean By 'Economic Patriotism?


The president has released a new plan for a second term Tuesday called: “The New Economic Patriotism: A PLAN FOR JOBS & MIDDLE-CLASS SECURITY.” The glossy 20-page policy outline covers such topics as education, retirement, energy, health care, and tax reform.  The release corresponds with a new ad introducing the plan which highlights things we’ve heard before, such as asking the wealthiest to “pay a little more."

Economic Patriotism is not a new rhetorical term to the campaign, but shouldn't the concept raise an alarm? Patriotism has certain collectivist connotations that we all are doing something in the name of government that (when it comes to the economy) is perhaps antithetical to growth.

The 'Real News' team gave reactions to the plan Tuesday, and discussed how much of it is old ideas and what this plan for "economic patriotism " would really mean in a second term.

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