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Real News:' Religious Freedom Argument Brings Obamacare Individual Mandate Back to Federal Court


Despite all of the economic issues the U.S. has had since Barack Obama became president, issues that his campaign now loves to remind us were evident on the day he took office, the Obama Administration decided to focus its energy in the first term on passing Obamacare. Along with it came what conservatives argue are a slew of coercive regulations and mandates that threaten to violate the individual conscience of religious individuals. Two such cases involving religious freedom and the Obamacare individual mandate are going before federal court this week: Geneva College vs Sebelius in Pennsylvania, and the Oklahoma-based company Hobby Lobby vs. Sebelius. In both cases, the plaintiffs run the risk of massive fines (in excess of over $1 million per day for Hobby Lobby) unless the mandate is put on hold.

With guest Gregory Baylor of the Alliance Defending Freedom, the 'Real News' panel Thursday discussed the cases the courts are hearing this week and the importance of overturning Obamacare to sustain religious liberty:

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