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Stu & Beck Break Down Potential Poll Swings, Romney Win: 'I Think We Have Something Big Coming on Tuesday


"They don't understand the Tea Party movement."

Photo Credit: TheBlaze TV

Earlier this week on TheBlaze TV, Stu Burguiere, executive producer of the Glenn Beck radio program, presented polls and electoral information for every swing state. While claiming that the race will be tight, he found that, if the election were held today, Republican challenger Mitt Romney would become president (according to the latest polls). On Wednesday evening, Burguiere, once again, tackled each state's standing, presenting yet another hypothetical situation on Tuesday in which Romney takes the majority of electoral college votes.

One of the subjects on the table during Burguiere's segment was Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's infamous recall election earlier this year. While it looked as though Walker would have an intense battle leading up to the election, he ended up holding his governor's seat -- and by a wide margin. Burguiere and host Glenn Beck wondered if this same scenario might unfold on Tuesday in states across America.

Photo Credit: TheBlaze TV

Looking at current Rasmussen poll numbers, they talked through some of the current proportions seen in the polls for President Barack Obama and Romney. Based on the changes that were observed in Walker's race, Burguiere adjusted a number of the states to showcase potential Romney victories.

Beck, who has a favorable view of Romney's chances, highlighted the notion that the polls, much like in the case of Walker's recall campaign, may not be painting the most accurate picture.

"They don't understand the Tea Party movement. They don't understand how to even measure us anymore," Beck told Burguiere. "And you're going to see a huge swing. You'll see a massive influx that they never saw coming on Tuesday."

Moments later, Beck doubled down on his positive viewpoint.

"I think we have something big coming on Tuesday."

Watch the segment, below:



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