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Who Do the Polls Favor to Win the Election With One Week to Go? Stu Has the Answer


While the country starts the long recovery process following superstorm Sandy's devastating destruction, the presidential election is still just a week away, and despite some knee-jerk speculation, it won't be postponed. So what do the current poll numbers look like with one week to go?

Stu Burguiere, executive producer of the Glenn Beck radio program and the guy who dresses up in funny costumes for Beck's amusement, broke down the latest figures on TheBlazeTV Tuesday. The race is going to be a tight one, Stu explained, but he also brought up a few interesting points to keep in mind.

One-by-one, Stu went through each important swing state and revealed that if the election were held today, the next president of the United States would be Mitt Romney, according to the polls.

Watch the informative segment via TheBlazeTV below:

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