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By the Numbers': Stu Breaks Down the Latest Economic Figures and Poll Numbers on the Glenn Beck Program


"It's just depressing..."

Stu (TheBlazeTV)

Stu Burguiere, executive producer of the Glenn Beck Radio Program, is a "numbers geek," according to Beck himself. On TheBlazeTV Tuesday, Stu, dressed in a "number one costume," broke down the latest figures and poll numbers being thrown around by the media and explained what they really mean in a segment called "By the Numbers."

Analyzing the so-called drop in the unemployment rate to 7.8 percent, Stu explained that there are some very strange details within the numbers -- you just have to look closely.

"You could start off by saying these numbers are just weird, which they are. But how weird are they?" he asked.

Stu said the number of workers ages 20-24 has gone down every single September going all the way back to 1980. However, in 2012, the age group saw a positive increase for the first time in decades.

Stu also pointed out that the number of food stamp recipients has dramatically increased over the last four years, with no apparent signs that the increase will slow down any time soon.

"It's just depressing," he said. "As depressing as someone telling you about it in a number one."

Stu also tackled the dramatic swing GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney saw in the polls following last week's debate and few other topics.

Watch the clip via TheBlazeTV below:

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