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What Do Your TV Shows Say About Your Politics? These Two Charts Might Surprise You (Part 2)


The following chart from BuzzFeed and Engage, a D.C.-based digital agency, illustrating the "politics of TV shows" holds some surprising (likely Romney voters watch Dr. Phil?) and not not-so-surprising (likely Obama voters just love, love, love “30 Rock”) results:

And here's a completely unsurprising chart illustrating the network preferences of Romney and Obama supporters (likely Romney supporters prefer Fox? Likely Obama supporters prefer MSNBC? You don't say!):

“The infographics use data from Engage's Trendsetter app, a tool that cross-references polling data with influence and page ‘likes’ from Facebook,” BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer explains.

“Engage measures turnout by affinity toward politics and politicians, assuming that the more likely you are to ‘like’ a politician of any party on Facebook, the more probable it is you'll vote on Nov. 6,” she adds.

Stay tuned. There are a lot more of these "politics of ____" infographs on the way.

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