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This Is the High School Football Touchdown That Made an Announcer Say, 'I've Never Seen Anything Like That


A high school football snap interception turned into a touchdown and most certainly ratcheted up the heat on a rivalry between two Kansas schools.

Yahoo! Sports has more:

It's hard to explain precisely what led to this rather surprising Dodge City touchdown, though it appears that Garden City quarterback Mason Temple thought he was supposed to receive a shotgun snap. Instead, Garden City center Mitch Morris provided a close snap, which was sent spiraling up toward the heavens with no one to grab it.

That's where Dodge City wide receiver and defensive back Immanuel Galloway jumped in, grabbing the loose football and scrambling into the open field for one of the easiest and most bizarre touchdowns of the season.

Dodge City eventually won the game 24-20 in the "Hatchet Game" rivalry. As Galloway told reporters afterward, "I just wanted to win."

"We had to bring it home for the seniors and we wanted to win at home. I just thought that I had to get this and score on this. This could be a game-changer and I was surprised. All I was thinking was 'I'm getting this,'" he said.

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