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This very 'scientific' poll uses physics and pumpkins (yes, pumpkins) to predict election results

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If you are like most folks, the end of this election will bring a welcome respite from the relentless reports of polling data, questions about the integrity of the sampling, and the agenda of the pollsters.

Today we stumbled upon a new poll that seems to have about as much basis in reality as the polls we hear quoted by various news outlets.

Say hello to the "Punkin' Chunkin' Poll" out of North Carolina.

This poll uses virtually no data from actual voters and therefore, just might be the one poll completely free of any bias or agenda. OK, there is a small agenda, but it is not a political one. The Punkin' Chunkin' Poll operators are sneaking science into the mix. By merging the news of the day with the physics involved in launching smoking gourds hundreds of feet, they hope to engage young minds.

How does it work? It's all very simple.

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  • A smoke grenade is taped to each pumpkin (for easier flight and landing monitoring).
  • The pumpkin gets placed in the catapult
  • The grenade is lit.
  • The launching is mechanism triggered
  • Gourd flies through the air and then returns to earth (typically with a dramatic splat)
  • Distance is measured (farthest traveled pumpkin determines the winner of the election)

Image: Screen capture from WGHP

The in-depth coverage comes to us from WGHP's award-winning reporter Bob Buckley.


H/T Bob Buckley

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