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Obama Supporter Attempts to Rile Up Line of Florida Voters With 'Su-ppres-sion' Chant ... And Fails Miserably


Video captured by WFOR in Miami-Dade County, Fla. shows two Obama supporters attempting -- and failing -- to rile up voters at a local polling station by stirring up fears of voter suppression while horrendously long lines delayed some Floridians from voting for hours.

The crowds began chanting, "Let us vote! Let us vote!" when a woman in an Obama campaign T-shirt, who did not appear to be in line to vote, attempted to get voters to chant "Su-ppres-sion! This is su-ppres-sion! This is su-ppres-sion!" However, the crowds fell nearly silent until she went back to the "Let us vote" line. She appears to be accompanied outside of the voting line by another woman wearing an Obama shirt, though it is unclear who they are or if they are with any organization.

Watch the video below:


Watch do you think, was this voter suppression in Florida?

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