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Obama During Monday Night Football Interview: If You Lose, Reporters Treat You Like a 'Bum,' If You Win They Treat You Like a 'God


"Political reporters are a lot like sports reporters."

(Photo: AP) 

During a halftime interview on ESPN's Monday Night Football, President Obama made some comments that some media critics will find interesting.

"It's interesting. Political reporters are a lot like sports reporters," Obama said after being asked about repeating as president. "... You lose a game, and you're a bum. You win a game, you're a god."

The obvious conclusion by those who have thought the media has been soft on the president is that he has, at times, been treated like a god. And it seems even he has noticed.

Still, Obama went on to note that even he is human:

"And, the truth is, just like in sports, in politics, we're all human. We make mistakes. Sometimes we perform well. But the key is just to stay focused on what it is that you're doing. And in sports, it's about winning championships. Interesting -- in politics, it's not winning elections. It's making sure that you're delivering for the folks who sent you."

You can watch the video below, which also includes Mitt Romney's halftime interview where he talked about drugs in sports and feeding off the energy of the crowds (the god comments come at about 2:00):

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