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Real News:' Could the Petraeus Affair Threaten National Security?


Now that the initial shock from Friday’s sudden announcement that CIA Director and celebrated military general David Patraeus was resigning amidst an FBI investigation into an extra-marital affair, (an affair that came to light to the FBI after the mistress sent threatening emails to another woman she believed to be a rival for Petraeus’s affection) questions are now being asked in regards to whether this is just a personal matter or a major national security concern. Its been reported that several lawmakers knew about the affair before the story broke, with others now raising questions to why they were not informed when the FBI investigation began. The timing of when the investigation leaked has also been called into question for its closeness after President Obama’s re-election and days before Petraeus was to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding the Benghazi attack. Also, if there was no blackmail or security breach triggered by Petraeus's affair, why would he have stepped down?

Watch a clip below from Monday's 'Real News' analysis of the story:

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