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Out of Town Electrical Worker Helping Restore Power in New York Severely Beaten by Unknown Attacker


"...just as I got within arm's reach, he decked me."

If you thought utility workers in Connecticut being pelted with eggs and then subsequently put under police protection while they were working to help Hurricane Sandy victims was bad, wait until you hear about what happened to an out-of-state electrician in New York.

WTSP reported that John Applewhite, an electrician from Florida helping restore power on Long Island, was beaten to the point where he now has a broken jaw, among other facial fractures, and a black eye.

John Applewhite spoke about the incident from his hospital bed in Florida. (Image: WTSP screenshot)

Applewhite, who is now back in Florida awaiting surgery, said he doesn't know what spurred his attacker to single him out. WTSP reported Applewhite's recollection of the incident:

"He met me halfway between my truck and his vehicle, and just as I got within arm's reach, he decked me," said John Applewhite.

Applewhite doesn't know why he was attacked or by whom. Police say its was a guy in a black BMW who took off after the assault.

Watch the report with Applewhite talking about what happened from his hospital bed:

 My Fox NY reported Applewhite saying that he didn't have any prior indication that the man would attack him.

"He was in a nice vehicle, dressed fairly nice from what I could tell," Applewhite said, according to the news station.

My Fox NY also reported a co-worker, one of the 24 who went up from Lakeland, Fla., to assist other utility workers, came to help Applewhite and was bitten by the attacker.

Nassau police are investigating the incident.

Here's the My Fox NY report:

New York News | NYC Breaking News

(H/T: New York Daily News)

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