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Petraeus Scandal Takes Another Bizarre Turn: 911 Calls From Home of Jill Kelley Reveal Request for 'Diplomatic Protection


"They're trying to push the door open; they won't leave."

Jill Kelley (Photo: AP)

The Tampa Police Department has released a series of 911 calls made from the home of Jill Kelley, the Tampa socialite mother of three at the center of the Gen. David Petraeus scandal. Several calls to the police have reportedly been made from the home in the last few days. In at least one of the calls, Kelley asks for "diplomatic protection."

"Thank you and you know, um, I don't know, but by any chance because I'm an honorary council general, so I have inviolability so I should... they should not be able to (cross) this property, I don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well," Kelley tells the dispatcher during one of the calls.

ABC News reports that Kelley's "social efforts" earned her the unpaid titled of "honorary ambassador" to CENTCOM, the Department of Defense Central Command. This seems to be a reasonable explanation for her "diplomatic protection" request. She has reportedly been known to leave off the "honorary" and tell people that she is a U.S. ambassador.

Kelley's social efforts on behalf of the military earned her the unpaid title of "honorary ambassador" to CENTCOM, the Defense Department's Central Command, which is based in Tampa at MacDill Air Force Base and has responsibility for directing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. A U.S. official described Kelley as a "nice, bored, rich socialite" who drops "honorary" from her title and tells people she is an ambassador.

Meanwhile, The Reliable Source attempted to contact local military bases on Tuesday to get more details on Kelley's mysterious titles. Another she used was "social liaison." No one they contacted were aware of any such title.

"There’s no such thing,” one officer told us. The made-up title appears to be a polite way of saying “rich Tampa socialite who likes to hang with four-star generals.” (Kelley has denied any inappropriate relationships.)

WTVT-TV has more details on the calls:

Two 911 calls were made from the Kelleys' home on Sunday.  In the first recording, a man whose name was redacted says there is someone at the door who won't leave his property.  The second caller, who identifies herself as Jill, says there's someone lurking in their yard.

As the call ends, she makes an apparent reference to her role at MacDill Air Force Base, which the Associated Press has described as an "unpaid social liaison."


Three more calls were made to police on Monday, all to the non-emergency number.  In each one, the caller identified herself as Jill Kelley, reporting trespassers on the property.

"They're trying to push the door open; they won't leave," she says in one call.

"Are you sure you don't know who these people are?" the dispatcher asks her.

"I do not know who they are, no," she insists.

The two-story Bayshore Boulevard home of Scott and Jill Kelley has been under intense media scrutiny ever since her involvement in a broadening sex scandal hit the current administration. Jill first complained of harassing emails, which ultimately led to a FBI investigation and the resignation of Petraeus as CIA director. The investigation also led FBI agents to a second top general, Gen. John Allen.

Listen to the 911 calls below:



(H/T: Schnitt Show)

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