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Colorado College Student Allegedly Plotted to Kill the President, Children: I Want to Go Down in History as the 'Guy Who Killed Obama


"...some people just want to watch the world burn down, and I'm one of them."



Authorities arrested a Colorado nursing student after he confided in his therapist that he wanted to murder children, shoot people on Halloween and assassinate President Barack Obama, according to court documents.

Mitchell Kenneth Kusick is being held on a federal charge of suspicion of threats against a president, The Daily Mail reports. Investigators revealed that Kusick, 20, identified himself as a student at Colorado Mesa University.

KUSA-TV reports that Kusick's plan involved taking his aunt's shotgun and using it to shoot children on Halloween and assassinate the president while he was in Colorado.

More from KUSA-TV:

The court paperwork goes on to say Kusick confessed to law enforcement about "his intent to shoot children at Standley Lake High School during a trick-or-treat event." It also says Kusick talked to law enforcement while he was admitted to Lutheran Hospital and figured he would "engage police in a gun battle" after the shooting at the school.

He told authorities he wanted to go down in infamy for being a mass murderer.

Investigators say Kusick told them of his fascination with the Columbine High School massacre, the Virginia Tech shootings and Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes.

"I share an understanding of [Holmes'] situation," he said.

Kusick also reportedly revealed his fascination with bombs and said "some people just want to watch the world burn down, and I'm one of them."

But his plot to kill the president wasn't about politics, he told police. The 20-year-old said Obama has done a good job.

President Barack Obama makes an opening statement during his news conference, Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012, in the East Room of the White House in Washington. President Barack Obama says the economy cannot afford a tax increase on all Americans and is calling on congressional Republicans to support an extension of existing tax rates for households earning $250,000 or less. (Credit: AP)


The Daily Mail has additional details:

He told his therapist on October 29 about his plan and allegedly said he wanted to go down in history as the 'guy who killed Obama.'

His comments came just days before the president held a campaign rally in Boulder.

Kusick also said he was obsessed with the deadly shootings at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech, as well as the Dark Knight Rises theater massacre earlier this year, according to court records.

Kusick also told a Secret Service agent investigating the case that he's been planning on killing people for five to six years. He had been seeing a counselor for about nine years, according to court documents.

The documents say he is charged with "interference for threatening to shoot children in Jeffco Schools." Jefferson County Schools recently filed a restraining order against Kusick.

A detention hearing is scheduled for Friday.

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