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Report: Security Services Seize Document Detailing Islamists’ Plan to Conquer Egypt and Restore Caliphate


"...assassinating the president, the Coptic pope, and several political and security figures." -- FLASHBACK: Didn't Beck predict this? --

Al Arabiya is reporting that Egyptian security services recently found a document that’s been making the rounds among militant Islamist groups in the country, and it describes a plan to “conquer” Egypt and restore the Islamic caliphate. The plan allegedly includes bombings, harassment of the Christian community and the assassination of key public figures including the Egyptian president and the Coptic Christian pope.

Al Arabiya reports:

The document, entitled the “Conquest of Egypt,” was handwritten by a militant called Karim Ahmed Bedeiwi, who was killed in a recent police raid on a flat in the district of Nasr City in eastern Cairo.

The flat was reportedly was used as a weapons warehouse and the headquarters of a terrorist cell, security sources were quoted as saying by the online version of the Egyptian newspaper al-Wafd.

This document, the sources added, was distributed among 22 jihadist cells that operate under an umbrella group, which later came to be known as the Nasr City cell, and together form an intricate terrorist network that connects Cairo to other Egyptian governorates.

The “Conquest of Egypt” offers a detailed account of a plan by militant Islamists to seize power in Egypt and establish an Islamic caliphate.

Al Arabiya – a Saudi-owned news site and television station based in the United Arab Emirates – writes that the megalomaniacal plan aimed to pit Egyptian against Egyptian, specifically targeting the Christian minority.

It’s unclear why the groups were interested in assassinating President Mohammed Morsi who represents the Muslim Brotherhood and its religious and conservative worldview.

Thousands of ultraconservative Egyptian Muslims took to the streets Friday demanding the country’s new constitution be based on Sharia law, but for the extremists circulating the document, a public demonstration is apparently not an effective enough means to ensure the nation be ruled under Islamic law. Al Arabiya reports:

The document mentions a series of steps that need to be taken to achieve their goal to “conquer,” they include assassinating the president, the Coptic pope, and several political and security figures.

This plan would coincide with a series of simultaneous bombings in several vital establishments as well as the Suez Canal, while main roads between Cairo and other Egyptian governorates and communication networks are to be taken over by the militants.

The plan also revealed that in addition to the Pope, the militants were going to target the Coptic community in general whether by assassinating and abducting prominent Coptic figures or carrying out terrorist operations in areas densely populated by Copts or known as their favorite gathering places.

The 22 cells were reportedly in possession of advanced weaponry and explosives smuggled from the Sinai Peninsula and Libya.

​Editor's note: This news sheds new light on that Glenn Beck prediction (that was mocked) about an Islamic Caliphate in Egypt, doesn't it?

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