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Politico columnist offers married women 'a tip


Roger Simon, chief political columnist for Politico, has a helpful "tip" for women in light of the Petraeus sex scandal:

Most of [Paula Broadwell's] inappropriate behavior in public seems to have involved clothing. She wore “tight shirts and pants” in Afghanistan, according to The Washington Post, “where Western-style attire can offend local sensibilities.”

Big deal. I say if we’re going to spend $1.7 trillion, nearly 20,000 casualties and 12 years conquering a country, we get to wear what we want and the locals get to wear what they want.

More ominously, however, the Post reported that once back in the United States, Broadwell helped [Gen. David] Petraeus “pick out a wardrobe of tailored suits he would wear at the CIA.”

Ladies, here is a tip: If a buff, beautiful, younger woman helps your husband pick out his clothes, they are probably doing it.

If you're not up to speed, Broadwell is the woman Petraeus confessed to having an extramarital affair with.

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