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Support for ObamaCare repeal drops sharply after election


First, the Supreme Court upheld the controversial Affordable Care Act.

Then, the candidate standing for ObamaCare's repeal is defeated by the law's namesake.

Now, the Republican Speaker of the House has signaled that repealing the law is no longer a top priority.

Is it any wonder the public's support for full repeal seems to be waning?  Via ABC News:

A record low number of American voters want to see the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – repealed, according to a new post-election poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Obamacare was not the top issue driving American to vote, although nearly seven in 10 Americans cited it as a “major factor” in their decision choosing between the candidates, according to Kaiser. Voters who listed Obamacare as a major factor were evenly split between Republican Mitt Romney, 47 percent,  and President Obama, 46 percent.

But only 33 percent of Americans now want to see the law repealed. Romney had pledged to repeal the law and replace it with new policy. 43 percent of Americans view the law favorably and 39 percent view it unfavorably, according to the poll.

Facing four more years of an Obama presidency, is ObamaCare America's "new normal"?

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