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Sen. Schumer Gloats That the Tea Party Is 'On The Descent' and That's a 'Good Thing


"they were pretty much for obstruction"


At a breakfast put on by the Christian Science Monitor, Tuesday, New York Senator Chuck Schumer had some harsh comments for the Tea Party and their election showing in 2012.

Following a series of Tea Party favorite losses on election night, Schumer announced that the Tea Party had "peaked" and is "on the descent."  Schumer went through a list of Tea Party candidates that lost and then noted that even the many of the ones that won "ran away from the tea party platform."

"So I think were going to see a lot of the Tea Party things -- 'Let's repeal Obamacare' -- play much less prominence in these two years," Schumer said, finally adding: "that's a good thing, because they were pretty much for obstruction."

Cover photo credit: Cliff Owen/Associated Press

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