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Leaked Script for Matt Damon's Anti-Fracking Movie Confirms 'Crazy Plot Twist' Rumors


"It's a misrepresentation of life in rural America and a misrepresentation of the hearts and minds of these citizens."

The makers of "FrackNation" -- the pro-fracking documentary that's a response to what the filmmakers believe is misinformation spread by other documentaries, like Josh Fox's "Gasland" -- have been calling out the position of another film being made about the process that extracts natural gas from shale rock.

Director of "FrackNation" Phelim McAleer, wrote in a guest post for TheBlaze last month the film "Promise Land," written by actors Matt Damon and Jon Krasinski who also appear in it, portrays "oil and gas companies [as] evil and [...] farmers who allow fracking on their land [as] fools." The writers believe "Promise Land" takes a balanced look at fracking and how it impacts the energy industry and farmers, many of whom are selling fracking rights on their land to companies.

Now, "FrackNation" has obtained the script from "Promise Land," which they say on Facebook confirms the "crazy plot twist--where the environmentalist turns out to be working for the natural gas company." Specifically, "FrackNation" calls attention to the segment of the script pictured below:

(Image: FrackNation/Facebook)

"Global," referred to in the portion in the script above, is a competing fossil fuel industry. Dustin, played by Krazinski as a local, leads the town against fracking activity for environmental reasons. It is later revealed he was embedded by this other industry as Steve (played by Damon) points out above. This twist, the FrackNation team believes, is an effort to discredit environmentalists.

"What this script shows, besides that Matt Damon doesn't know his facts about hydraulic fracturing, is how little Hollywood thinks of America," McAleer said in a statement. "It's a misrepresentation of life in rural America and a misrepresentation of the hearts and minds of these citizens."

In a phone interview with TheBlaze, McAleer explained FrackNation obtained the script from someone involved with the film who found this piece of information important to share. Overall, he said it is well-written, the characters are complex, and it's entertaining. Therein lies the problem.

"Most Americans don't know anything about fracking. The first they could hear about it is in this movie," McAleer said explaining that he thinks many opinions are formed through movies. "It's an exciting [script], and that's what will make it so effective."

"This is not a clash between local communities and big oil. It's a clash between local communities, big environmentalists and big Hollywood," McAleer continued.

McAleer has previously pointed out New Image Abu Dhabi, which is owned by United Arab Emirates, financed the film. He wrote in a New York Post article last month that this area could lose trillions in oil if fracking for natural gas became more widespread in the United States.

Previously, the script had allegedly undergone a re-write due to a water contamination claims that were later debunked by the EPA. McAleer also said he considers Damon an anti-fracking activist, given that he supports the New York Working Families Party, which advocates against fracking. In this video a couple years ago, Damon speaks of protecting natural gas from fracking activities in his support of the party:

Watch the trailer for Promise Land:

Promised Land Script


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