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NYT, Gov. Brewer find common ground


The New York Times editorialized today against the electoral college:

The Electoral College remains a deeply defective political mechanism no matter whom it benefits, and it needs to be abolished.

We say that in full knowledge that the college may be tilting toward the kinds of candidates we tend to support and provided a far more decisive margin for Mr. Obama earlier this month than his showing in the popular vote. The idea that a voting method might convey benefits to one side or another, in fact, is one of the strongest arguments against it.

That puts the paper in agreement with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer who said last week that "it's pretty disappointing when you think that just a few states really determine who's been elected president." She said the electoral college has "served its purpose."

Incidentally, NYT and Brewer are rarely on the same page. The paper has written no less than three editorials specifically against her policies within the last year.

Strange bedfellows.

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