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Wilkow!:' Will We Finally Learn What Happened in Libya on September 11?


Amidst a week of personal scandal, now resigned CIA Director David Petraeus testified behind closed doors on Capitol Hill Friday where he said the September 11 Benghazi attack was a terrorist act, but did not resolve the question of when the agency reached this conclusion. Republicans have continued to press Obama administration officials for their response to the attack, as some conservatives are now beginning to fear that the truth could slip through the cracks as scandal has now distracted the CIA Director, and the president is moving to replace the Secretaries of State and Defense.

Brandon Webb of SOFREP.com, print columnist Diana West and talk-radio host David Webb joined "Wilkow!" Friday to discuss Petraeus's appearance before Capitol Hill, and whether or not we will ever get all the answers on the Benghazi attack and Obama administration response:

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