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Crazy: Man Jumps Into Pool in Mall From Second Floor Railing


There's a shopping center in Alberta, Canada, called the West Edmonton Mall. In this mall, there's a pool. In this pool, there tends to be a few rebellious Canadian males.

No, seriously. Some guys really dig the idea of swimming in this thing.

In fact, here’s a video of a guy jumping into the pool from a second floor railing in the mall:

[Warning: Strong language]:

“Apparently, base jumping is a phenominon [sic] in which people jump from a fixed object and then parachute their ways to safety,” Nadya Domingo writes for And Pop.“This dude was completely without a parachute, so I have no idea where the ‘base’ aspect comes in.”

And in case you’re wondering what happened to the jumper, from the YouTube video description:

Alright, so everyone's asking whether they got away and if they got caught. The people in the video ran to the nearest exit and got there safely. The guy who jumped in went outside to the vehicle while his friends came back inside to buy him a new set of clothes. He was back inside the mall 20 minutes after the jump.

Shine on, you crazy Canadian diamonds.

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(H/T: stuffistolefromtheinternet.com)

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