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Are These Pranksters Posing as Target Employees Frustrating Holiday Shoppers or Adding Comic Relief?

Trying to sell himself and this lady just has a laugh. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Although some might dread working retail on the country's busiest holiday shopping day of the year, two pranksters willingly donned employee attire to see how they could be of service. That service being more like spreading of good cheer -- to those with a sense of humor -- rather than actual helpfulness.

Finding Target employee uniforms is easy to replicate -- think red T-shirt, khaki pants and a lanyard --  the two men from the popular YouTube channel Prank vs. Prank tried to offer a woman batteries as opposed to a Kindle, put themselves in another woman's cart for the low price of $49.99, and slyly made back door offers to customers, among other antics like falling awkwardly on the floor.

Offering shady deals. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Putting a slew of unwanted toys into this lady's cart. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Trying to sell himself and this lady just has a laugh and asks how long he'd been working that day. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Telling customers they might want to check Walmart for a certain deal. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Finally getting caught by a store manager. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Amazingly, none of the bemused customers lashed out Black Friday-style on the jokesters.

Their Black Friday video has garnered more than 2.7 million views within a couple days of its posting.

Check it out (Note: Be sure to hold out until 3:50 when an official employee closes in on the pranksters):

As Mack Rawden from Cinema Blend pointed out, what is missing from the video is a time gauge to show how long it took before Target ousted the men.

"Was it twenty minutes or was it two hours?" Rawden wrote. "I like Target. I’d like to think management would be on top of its game and weed out these clowns quickly, but with all the chaos of Black Friday, you never know."

One thing Target might consider now is adding a more complicated component to its employee uniform to avoid further impostors in the future.

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