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Did Hamas Infighting Aid Israel in Assassinating Top Commander Ahmed Jaabari? The Fascinating Claim

Members of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, address a press conference in Gaza City on November 22, 2012 at the house of their late leader Ahmed Jaabari, who was killed when an Israeli air strike hit his car on November 14. Israeli politicians returned to the campaign trail as the streets of Gaza came back to life after a truce ended eight days of bloodshed, with both sides claiming victory while remaining wary. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

While a truce has been reached between Hamas and Israel, there is still ironic news coming out about Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense, which was the name given to Israel's response to the recent attacks out of Gaza.

According to a report in the Kuwati news outlet, Al-Jarida, drama and infighting among Hamas "military" leaders is likely what led the IDF (Israeli Defense Force_ directly to Hamas top-brass, Ahmed Jaabari, ultimately resulting in the terrorist's death at the hands of an Israeli rocket.  Al-Jarida reports that Israel was able to hone in on Jaabari after pinpointing his location via his cell-phone. Originally, the IDF was targetting key Hamas "government" leader Ismail Haniyeh, but both he and Jaabari had become embroiled in a rather indescrete feud. Israel National News explains how this aided the IDF:

Jaabari, according to the report, conducted a search of Haniyeh's house, apparently under orders from Hamas top terrorist Khaled Mashaal, in hiding in Damascus. Haniyeh objected, but Jaabari went ahead with the search anyway. Senior Hamas terrorists were involved in the schism, with some taking Haniyeh's side, and some taking Jaabari's, the report said.

Meanwhile, Israel had been planning a strike on Haniyeh, the report said, and was using cellphone detection technology to find him. Generally, top Hamas terrorists disable location chips in their cell-phones so that Israel cannot use the devices to track them down, but Israel is using new technology to find terrorists even when their location chips are inactive.

The chip in Jaabari's phone, according to the report, was indeed activated, thus the IDF was essentially given a clear blueprint on how to find him. INN suggests that Jaabari may have been set up by Haniyeh as retaliation for searching his house, with one Israeli source saying this scenario was “certainly possible.” Apparently, Hamas is well-known for its infighting.

Jaabari's elimination was crucial to Operation Pillar of Defense as the top Hamas militant was responsible for much of the rocketfire that has rained down on Southern Israel for years. Since 2005, when then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon unilaterally withdrew from Gaza, uprooting thousands of Jewish residents and communities, Hamas has used the area as a massive ammunitions depot from which the terrorist organization has fired more than 8,000 rockets into Israel. Operation Pillar of Defense was engaged after years of endurance and restraint in an effort to protect innocent Israel civilians from the daily assaults waged by Hamas.

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