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Through Petraeus sex scandal, Andrew Sullivan recalls his own humiliating past


As with any sex scandal, questions about privacy rights have come up in the Petraeus sex scandal. In The Daily Beast, politics blogger Andrew Sullivan recalls his own episode of public shaming:

I have lived this - being humiliated and falsely accused of hypocrisy by the gay far left because I once tried (and failed) to find other HIV-positive guys to have sex with online when I was single. Since that searing experience - I was a pioneer target in Internet shaming and exposure - I've seen countless others go through the same thing, sometimes for reason, more often for no reason at all. ...

The only way past this, alas, is through it. The more poor souls this humiliation happens to, the more used we become to the humiliation, the less potent it becomes.

Sullivan is both openly gay and HIV-positive.

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