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Bill Maher: 'White people are f---ed up


Liberal comedian Bill Maher writes on his Real Time blog that there's a reason for all those secession petitions being submitted to the White House lately: White people who didn't vote for President Obama are "sore losers."

From Maher's post:

Fifty-nine million Americans voted for Mitt Romney. Don't ask me why.  Why do they keep seeing Nicholas Sparks movies? Because white people are fucked up, that's why.

Who shops at the Hallmark Store? Who's smoking all the meth? Who's watching Duck Dynasty -- a reality show about rednecks who make duck calls? It gets higher ratings than 30 Rock or Homeland and I can't prove they're white and stupid, but someone's watching it...and it ain't Cornel West. ...

... I can understand breaking up the United States over the TSA. Because what real Texan wants someone at the airport finding out how small his dick is? But isn't it odd that it only became a problem after Obama was reelected?

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