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The online auction site eBay has removed Glenn Beck's now famous "art" from its listings.

"You listed an item that contains urine," eBay wrote in an official notice to Mercury One, Beck's charity organization. "Please do not relist."

The "art" in question is a mason jar that contains a figurine of President Obama and what was originally said to be Beck's urine. It has since been revealed that the "pee pee" is actually beer.

After eBay removed the item, Beck tweeted, "@ebay has removed our recent listing. Who will auction #ObamainPeePee?"

Shortly thereafter, the #ObamaInPeePee hashtag began trending nationwide, as noted by Mercury's Sara Johnson. It's the fifth one down on the chart below. If you don't count the Honda Civic hashtag that was paid to be promoted by Twitter, #ObamaInPeePee was the fourth most popular hashtag nationwide on Twitter for a moment.

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