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Aussie Radio Hosts Prank Kate Middleton's Hospital by Posing as the Queen -- Listen to the Call Here


The BBC is reporting that hospital executives have stated that it "deeply regrets" the incident and they are reviewing "telephone protocols."

Image: Screen capture video

On Tuesday, an Australian radio show managed to get through to the nurses station at King Edward VII Hospital where Kate is dealing with her extreme morning sickness. The hosts, Mel & Michael, pretended to be the Queen and Prince Charles and appear to get confidential patient information about the Duchess. The call is going viral, and now apologies are flying around like William and Kate merchandise.

Australia's News reports on what the pranksters were able to get from a nurse at King Edward VII hospital:

"She's sleeping at the moment and she has had an uneventful night, she's been given some fluids, she's stable at the moment,'' the kindly nurse informed the supposed Queen and Prince, adding; "I would suggest that any time after 9-o-clock will be suitable to visit. We'll be getting her freshened up."

Hear the entire prank call from the heretofore unknown radio hosts.

The Australian radio station has issued an official statement on the prank, including an apology from the two hosts -- Mel Grieg and Michael Christian:

"We were very surprised that our call was put through, we thought we'd be hung up on as soon as they heard our terrible accents.

"We're very sorry if we've caused any issues and we're glad to hear that Kate is doing well."

The BBC is reporting that hospital executives have stated that it "deeply regrets" the incident and they are reviewing "telephone protocols."

But the prank highlights something this author struggles to understand: the whole obsession with the Royal Family.

For example, one expects the British media to be consumed by the prospect of a new heir, but ABC News? The American network has an entire website and team of reporters dedicated to covering the coming addition to the Royal Family.

Image: ABC

And then there is the mountain of money to be made from merchandising a possible new monarch (or two). The cavalcade of collectibles seems to have started the minute the news hit the wires. Emma Bridgewater, a British pottery maker rushed a mug to market within days.

Image: Emma Bridgewater Pottery

Italian craftsmen have already managed to create figurines of the young royals with a very pregnant Duchess Kate. The BBC has found them on the shelves of souvenir shops in Italy.

With six months more (or so) until the Royal Baby arrives, we expect endless speculation on the sex of baby (babies - there is talk of twins being delivered), names, delivery dates, lines of succession to the throne, etc.

Stay tuned.

(H/T: BBC)

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