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The Makers of the Horrifying 'Ghost in the Elevator' Prank Are Back With a Spine-Tingling Sequel



Apparently wanting to scare Brazilians out of ever getting on an elevator again, "Programa Silvio Santos" once again conducted a terrifying elevator prank, this time with a coffin and a fake corpse.

The Brazilian gag show recently released what many have called the scariest elevator prank ever, where unsuspecting victims were subjected to a terrifying scene. In the prank, the lights in the elevator go out and a creepy little girl holding a teddy bear appears out of nowhere, prompting tears and shrieks of horror. To watch the prank, click here.

In the new video, two men are transporting a coffin and load it into an elevator vertically. The men who were transporting the coffin then intentionally miss the elevator. Next, the elevator stalls and the "corpse" falls halfway out of the coffin and comes alive, scaring the poor victims who are just trying to get where they are going.

Watch the gag below:


(H/T: Gizmodo)

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