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Anderson Cooper on CNN's ratings: 'I hope we figure it all out


On CBS's This Morning Anderson Cooper said he didn't know what changes CNN's new president Jeff Zucker might bring to the news network.

"CNN has a great brand," he said, "and is a great place and has really dedicated journalists, and like CBS, there’s not a lot of places that have journalists working out in the field and CBS is one of them. And CNN is a place expanding with bureaus, and that’s important to us, and that’s in our DNA."

Zucker recently said he wanted "more passion and excitement" brought to CNN. Asked if he can "meet that bill," Cooper said "I certainly hope so."

"Look, a lot of passion in people there," he said, "and I think, you know, we’ve always done well when things are happening and it’s in the slower times that we’ve run into problems, and I hope we figure it all out."

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