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Here's the Point-by-Point Debunk of the 'Facts' in that Offensive Calif. Teachers' Union Ad


On Tuesday, TheBlaze showed you the Ed Asner-narrated cartoon created by the California Federation of Teachers.

Image: California Federation of Teachers video

Mr. Asner is also being confronted about his participation in the cartoon. Although the aging actor claims he did not recall what he said in the video, he does ask the reporter who questions him, "Can I piss on you?"

On Wednesday, writer Lee Doren posted a video on his YouTube channel How The World Works. The video takes the cartoon from the Teachers union and breaks it down, debunking it, one point at a time. And Doren accomplishes this simply by using facts.

Right out of the blocks, Doren's video analysis of the cartoon debunks the union's claims about crime, unemployment, and how much the so-called rich people pay in taxes:

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